What Makes A Good Surgical Mask?

What Makes a Good Surgical Mask?

Working in the medical industry can be challenging, and you have to ensure that you're staying protected no matter what. Having inadequate protective equipment can mean infections or something even worse.

Surgical masks are a crucial component of your protective equipment and your first line of defense against unknown contaminants. However, there is a considerable difference between good and bad surgical masks. Here are some aspects where you can clearly differentiate between a good and bad surgical mask.

Durability and Quality

When you hold a cheap surgical mask, you will easily feel the difference in quality. Cheap and poorly-made surgical masks tend to tear quite easily, and you might even experience the ties snapping off unexpectedly.

Look for a surgical mask that feels soft in your hands and comfortable to wear. You can easily check the product description and figure out what kind of materials are being used when it comes to quality. Try looking for a mask made of 100% polyester cotton to prevent any skin irritation. You should also check whether it has filtration for better breathability.


Investing in your protection doesn't mean you have to let your budget go out of sight. Finding a good balance between your budget and protection is crucial when looking for the perfect surgical mask. Ideally, you should look for a manufacturer that can provide you with a good deal or discount when you're buying bulk.

You can also find that many surgical mask manufacturers already offer masks at subsidized prices for medical facilities, practices, and other related institutions. You will have to do some research to find the ideal surgical masks for your requirements.


You have to ensure that the surgical masks you're buying are convenient for your requirements. You don't want to get masks that you or your staff are reluctant to wear. It should be comfortable and breathable to wear throughout the day.

Consider buying tester packs of the masks you plan to buy in bulk. Hand them out to your staff or wear them yourself to determine how comfortable they will be. You can also find masks with extended surgical ties that are ideal for adjusting according to your requirements. If you're buying tester masks beforehand, test them through various conditions to ensure optimal use.


When buying surgical masks in bulk, you have to ensure that they're versatile for all situations and people. If you wear glasses or are required to wear protective eye gear, you need masks that don't fog up your eye gear.

Some masks have anti-fog technology to prevent you from feeling any discomfort when wearing them. It ensures that you have clear visibility throughout surgical procedures and any other medical services.


The main concern with any surgical mask is how safe they will be and how they can protect. Specific surgical masks have undergone stringent safety standards like ASTM F2100 and 510K. These standards can ensure that you don't have to worry about using a mask that can expose you to various foreign particles.

When you take care of these aspects, you should be able to differentiate between a good and poor-quality surgical mask without any trouble.

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