Choosing The Astm Level 3 Duckbill Mask

Choosing the ASTM Level 3 Duckbill Mask

When you're looking to ensure the safety of everyone in your medical institution, you need to invest in quality products that will do so. Masks are crucial not just for medical staff but for patients too.

If you're in the market for medical masks, the ASTM Level 3 Duckbill Mask is perfect for many reasons. Keep reading to find out how this mask can ensure better safety for all and be the right investment for your facility.

Why You Need It

Many medical staff doesn't really pay attention to masks; after all, it is something they will have to eventually discard at the end of the day. But over time, uncomfortable masks tend to discourage employees from wearing them for extended periods, especially when they're not durable.
If you're looking for a mask that your staff won't just wear throughout the day but actually like, the Duckbill mask is perfect. It provides the highest level of protection during procedures and comes with advanced technology to make it more wearable. The ties help cater the wearability of the mask to whoever is wearing it, so they can adjust as they see fit.


You need to know what it can offer your employees when you're looking to buy a quality medical mask. The Duckbill mask offers:

  • Highest level of protection during any type of medical procedure
  • Advanced fluid resistance
  • High filtration creates a barrier
  • Protects clinicians and patients
  • Large breathing chamber due to duckbill shape
  • Increased comfort

The mask also comes with anti-fog properties that make it ideal for those who are wearing glasses or protective goggles during medical procedures. It ensures they don't have to continually readjust the mask and no fluid goes through.

Tested and Recommended By Experts

Ultimately, you want to ensure that you're using a medical mask that medical experts in the field have recommended. The Duckbill mask has passed ASTM F2100 standards, ensuring you don't have to worry about safety.

Through various consultations over many years, the mask has been designed keeping in mind the needs of employees in the medical field. Your employees will enjoy wearing the mask and find that it is extremely breathable as well.

Quality Materials

When the materials are subpar, you can't expect the mask to be as durable as you want. You also don't want to invest in masks that don't last throughout the day and increase your costs in the long term. With the Duckbill mask, you don't need to be concerned about the materials.
The high-grade aluminum strip ensures that the mask adheres properly to the nose and doesn't slip throughout the day. The materials are also soft, which ensures that the wearer doesn't feel the need to remove them throughout the day continually.

Looking for Durable Masks? We Can Help

If you're in the market for budget-friendly masks that are comfortable and safe for your employees, Revo Medical is here to help. Our expert team has spent years in R&D designing the perfect masks in consultation with medical experts. You will find that our masks last longer and are easier to wear compared to others available. Check out our website to see our full catalog of masks.

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