Medical And Surgical Masks – Discover The Difference

Medical and Surgical Masks – Discover the Difference

Running a medical facility can be busy and challenging. You have to ensure that you're maintaining efficiency without causing harm to any of your employees or patients. Investing in the right protective gear is crucial when you want to maintain your medical facility's health, safety, and reputation.

However, when the time to choose masks for your staff comes, you might not know which ones to get. While medical and surgical masks sound similar, they are actually two different categories of masks. Here is what you should know about them:

Medical Masks

For nurses and general physicians who don't participate in surgeries or have excessive close contact with patients, general medical masks are ideal. They generally pass through the ASTM Level 1 standards.
ASTM Level 1 masks provide low barrier protection, which means that they are designed for medical environments that don't have excessive fluid, aerosol, or blood exposure. They can be ideal for routine examinations, dental procedures, and more. They ensure good breathability and are ideal to keep on for hours on end. You can find masks with earloops and adjustable ties.

Surgical Masks

Surgeons need to be in an environment with high fluid, blood, and unknown contaminant exposure. They also need to wear goggles for these procedures typically, and masks can be a real detriment here. Masks can goggles fog up, making the surgeon unable to see anything.
When looking at surgical masks, you have to ensure two aspects. They need to be cleared by ASTM Level 3 standards and have anti-fog properties. Anti-fog properties will ensure that everyone can do their jobs without worrying about fog and water droplets on their goggles.

Which One Is Better?

Depending on your requirements, the type of mask you choose for your facility can differ. It is worthwhile considering that getting both medical and surgical masks can help. For those who are operating and related to surgical procedures, they can use surgical masks. For all other situations, a medical mask can suffice.

For those dealing with COVID-19 patients or highly infectious diseases, using a surgical mask might be better. You might also be able to find ASTM Level 3 masks with visors attached, which also does away with the need for goggles in surgical procedures.

What To Look For When you are looking for the perfect medical masks for your requirements, you need to ensure the following aspects:

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Reviews
  • Design
  • Cost

All medical practices need to stick to a budget, and when you want to ensure safety within budget, price matters. Placing bulk orders can generally lower the prices, although you might be able to take advantage of special deals. If you're looking to understand pricing for bulk orders, you can contact customer care.

Any medical or surgical mask you buy needs to cater to medical professionals. You should look for a company that takes recommendations and suggestions from the medical community to design their masks.

Looking for Medical and Surgical Masks? Revo Medical Products Can Help

When looking for the perfect medical or surgical masks, Revo Medical is here to cater to your every need. Whether you're looking for ASTM Level 1 or Level 3 masks, we offer a variety of masks that are created for medical professionals. Ensure that your facility is safe and your employees are comfortable when you choose to get Revo Medical masks. Order online today!

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