Earloop Procedure Masks Meeting Astm Level 1 Standards

Importance of Having a High-Quality Surgical Mask

A lot of surgical personnel wear their mask incorrectly. This makes it easy for particles and germs to slip right by the mask and cause infections.
The best way to avoid this is by investing in a surgical mask that does its job, which means you need a higher-quality product with a tight-fitting seal around your face. You'll also want to invest in a surgical mask that comes with straps, as this will prevent it from falling off during surgery.

High-Quality Surgical Masks Comply with ASTM Standards

When you invest in a high-quality surgical mask, it's essential to buy one that meets ASTM standards. These are strict standards designed to ensure the test methods and performance of medical masks depending on their sub-micron particulate and bacterial filter efficiency.
However, do not reuse a surgical mask for more than one operation. Particles can accumulate on the mask, and these will cause infections if you reuse them. A new mask should be worn each time to ensure safety for yourself and your patient.

High-Quality Masks Minimize Contamination Risk

Another reason to invest in high-quality surgical masks is that they help keep your patients safe. Along with providing proper hand hygiene, wearing the mask when entering the patient's room will help minimize contamination risk.

Whether you are having major surgery or simply getting a small procedure done, it's essential to take safety measures to ensure that you do everything you can to protect your health. Surgical masks are designed to prevent materials from exiting the area around the face, making it easier to travel throughout the air and cause an infection with another patient in a hospital setting. Of course, surgical masks cannot prevent all infections in patients, but they give you one extra layer of protection.

High-Quality Masks Are Durable

You want to make sure you have a surgical mask made with high-quality materials, so it's durable and long-lasting. You also want to consider investing in masks, which come with straps or ties, so they don't slip off during surgery.

Plus, if your staff members are wearing different color surgical masks, this will make it easy for them to be quickly identified, which will reduce the risk of contamination. A surgical mask is a simple device that can help you boost safety in surgery and protect your patient's health while they recover. The best option is to pick up a quality surgical mask that you know will be effective and long-lasting.

Revo-Medical Now Offers High-Quality ASTM Level 3 Surgical Masks

Revo-Medical is now offering Level 3 ASTM surgical masks at an affordable price. These are the highest quality surgical masks with a tight seal around your face to help protect patients from being exposed to outside contaminants. Also, the masks protect you from particles or fluids that may be expelled from the patient and cause an infection, providing the highest level of breathability. The mask offers features like:

- Complies with ASTM F2100 Level 3 Requirements
- Anti-fog/pressure-sensitive adhesive for better visibility, even when wearing goggles or glasses
- Comes with ties or adjustable straps to prevent it from slipping off during surgery
- Highest grade aluminum nose strip with extra-long length
- Ultra-soft/long ties for easier donning and doffing
- Ultrasonically welded seams for durability

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