Earloop Procedure Masks Meeting Astm Level 1 Standards

Earloop Procedure Masks Meeting ASTM Level 1 Standards

The aseptic technique requires a mask to prevent cross-contamination from medical personnel to patients. Earloop procedure masks make a good fit for this application because the earloops allow them to be securely held in place on the face, thus making it unlikely that they will fall off an individual's face.

Also, the masks prevent microorganisms from entering into the mask as the individual moves. But, what makes them essential for standard medical protection in various clinical settings?

Earloop Procedure Masks Meeting Astm Level 1 StandardsFlexibility During the Procedure

The earloops are important because they give the masked individual some flexibility to turn or tilt their head without slipping down on the face.
Allowing a certain degree of flexibility is important for movements like keeping their head in an upright position or tilting their head to either side.

Convenience for Medical Personnel

The earloops are also beneficial for medical personnel because they provide another element that helps them maintain better control over their masks. For example, if it seems at all likely that the mask could slip off of someone's face due to certain movements or positions, then the individual wearing the mask must hold onto it or fix it back into place. Rather than doing this every time, earloops give the person wearing the mask the opportunity to let go and allow them to fall into place where they belong.

Typically, earloop procedure masks are made of a high-quality non-woven material to provide the most protection possible and give them exceptional durability.

Fostering an Environment of Safer Healthcare

Earloop procedure masks typically meet ASTM F2100 Level 1 standards for filtering, fit, and fluid resistance, allowing one to provide protection even when worn outside of the face or when it may slip due to certain motions. Thus, they are an essential component of the aseptic technique and provide a safe environment for all patients in healthcare settings.
The ASTM F2100, Level 1 requirements for earloop procedure masks include fluid resistance, dripping-type splash protection, conforming to the face (fit), and filter retention.

Revo-Medical Offers Procedure Masks Meeting ASTM Level 1 Standards

This is a standard-protection mask used for normal wound care, line changes, dental work, and low-risk procedures involving a fluid splash. Also, the mask can assist in minimizing droplets from symptomatic people who may be coughing or sneezing. It has characteristics like:

- Complies with ASTM F2100 Level 1 Requirements
- Yellow color identifies the procedure for isolation requirement.
- Standard protection for low fluid environment types.
- High-quality materials provide super soft comfort.
- Highest grade aluminum nose strip with extra-long length.
- Ultra-soft earloops for easier donning and doffing.
- Ultrasonically welded seams for durability.

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